Friday, January 22, 2016

Times change, National Review

National Review devotes an issue to reasons not to vote for Donald Trump.
They ask, don't you care about the conservative principals you've believed in for years?
They use the argument type that Democrats have used for years against Republicans on the Obama administration.
  • You believed this in the past.
  • You act like you don't believe it now.
  • Guess that makes you an extremist or racist.
Instead, it's the times that have changed.
Some things we thought would work in the past, but now we realize they probably won't.
We are realistic about the current American situation.
There's huge debt, and still a huge desire for more government.
Democratic plans for this election are simple - you don't want Republicans in charge.
That Trump isn't a true conservative and Republican helps in this atmosphere.
Hillary wants to run like Obama - not on issue but on attacking Republicans.
Neither she nor Bernie Sanders would be sure their attack lines will work against Trump.
A reason to vote for Trump.

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