Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Uber for snow plows

People in Waynesboro are upset - why aren't our roads clear?
Reason one - too much snow.
A storm of two feet of snow is more than expected in our area. If we have two winters with no major snows, how do you explain the cost of unused snow equipment.
Maybe it's time for a Uber for snow plows.
You want your area cleared faster?
How much is it worth you to do that?
A Facebook friend in Maryland found himself stuck and needing to get out - he called Uber.
You may not want to buy a four-wheel drive, but you'd pay for those times you need it.
Clearing your area the day of the snow would cost more, but if you and neighbors think it's worth it, then you'd pay for the help.
Paying your own way probably works better than whining about not getting help.
Especially when everyone's in the same boat.

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