Saturday, January 16, 2016

Will Bernie rise to the challenge?

After watching four playoff games in the next 27 hours, will people want to watch the Democratic presidential candidates debate?
Will Bernie Sanders give Hillary Clinton another pass, like when he said he didn't care about emails?
Or does he want to win?
If Sanders wants to capitalize on the party's backfiring plan to hide debates from view, his path is as clear now as it was two months ago. He must make the case to Democratic primary voters that the progressive issues they care about, global warming, income inequality, universal healthcare, campaign finance and the like, will all be eclipsed by Clinton's dishonesty and venality if she wins the nomination.
He must argue that voters who want to spend the next 11 months defending her scandals can vote to nominate her, but those who want to talk about changing society should nominate him instead. Sanders has not risen to this task so far in any of the debates. But then again, there's always Sunday night.

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