Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why youth soccer is popular

The youngest has a soccer game this morning. I awake to 39 degree temperatures and winds blowing 13 mph.
At least it's just an hour outside in the cold for the game for soccer parents.
For youth baseball, it's usually a two-hour game. And likely two games a week instead of one.
If you're a parent thinking of shivering outside in the spring, which would you encourage your child to play?
Besides, they're out there running instead of standing in the outfield - waiting for a ball to be hit.

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jill said...

You're so right. I love baseball and have never watched a pro soccer game, but soccer is a great game for kids for the reasons you mention and also, I think, because most little kids are able to kick that big soccer ball. Hitting that tiny speeding baseball with a skinny stick is much harder. Then there's catching it.