Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Rand-y

Blue Virginia has taken a major interest in Ayn Rand.
With the emphasis - I bet those "Teapublicans" don't know the truth about this person.
An interesting tact.
Horribly wrong, but interesting.
So the package makes the ideas bad? Ideas can be tainted by their association with someone?
How about the opposite?
Republicans know about Rand's personal life. But her ideas and philosophy are so powerful that her personal life doesn't matter. We know who she was - and still agree with the philosophy.
For every idea under the sun, you can find saints and sinners agreeing with the view.
Does some pastor's hypocritical behavior overcome the salvation message of Jesus? Never.
Ideas are ideas. People are people.
People have flaws, not the ability to make truth a lie. Or a lie the truth.

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