Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why aren't people more like me?

KathyinBlacksburg didn't enjoy the royal wedding Friday.
At least the fact that more people showed up to watch it than come out for political causes.
People live their lives. Every now and then, they enjoy the spectacle that the British monarchy provides.
Friday was a cool day, linking the past history of the kingdom with hope for the future - the future King and Queen, and thoughts of their future heirs.
You can blame the media, but it's a cool party for them too. Instead of world trouble spots, they get to hang out together with the best and brightest. It's an event you know will happen on a certain day, so you can plan your coverage instead of doing things on the fly.
I thought the media overdid the day, so I ignored it. But I don't blame those who enjoyed it for doing so.
If you want to lead people, you need to know where the people are at and meet their needs. Not whine about their decisions.

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