Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twenty years and still waiting

If you live in Bluefield, WV and want to get to Huntington quickly, it's a three-hour ride on the interstate via Charleston.
But 20 years ago, people in the area between those two cities, connected by U.S. 52 through the mountains, decided to seek a new interstate through their areas.
They are still seeking money, and have very little to show for it - a few bridges and small stretches of barely usable roads.
Sen. Byrd is gone, and spending on road projects - hoping they would bring development - is out of vogue. Especially when there's congested cities begging for more help.
The roads would be nice for me, speeding the visit to the in-laws. But I doubt I'll ever see these roads completed. And it's doubtful my unborn grandchildren will see them either.

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