Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jesus and taxes

Ace notes the MSNBC take on Jesus and taxes, as Lawrence O'Donnell attempts to take on Rush Limbaugh.
"What would Jesus take?" Limbaugh countered, answering "nothing." O'Donnell vehemently disagreed, going on to cite Scripture references -- divorcing them from context -- in order to argue Jesus was a fan of "progressive taxation," among other things.
Ace's take on that take.
Let's also see: Jesus is speaking of an ideal to aspire to, voluntarily. I don't see him just taking money from people and then telling them, "It's for your own good, trust me."
My takes on those takes.
1. Jesus is coming back soon. You can ask Him then.
2. Jesus got Peter's taxes paid - with a coin in the mouth of a fish Peter caught.
Lawrence O'Donnell can run his government on all the money in any fish he catches. No problems with that.

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Citizen Tom said...

That's funny!

Unless he gives you His words, speaking for God ....

All we can do is quote the Bible and hope we get it right. And I like that quote about the fish.