Monday, April 11, 2011

Who's better? Ike or Patton?

Since the Friday settlement to avoid a government shutdown, the right side has been battling about the deal.
Was it a good deal or not good?
DaTech Guy gives a good view why it's a good deal, and good to have unhappy conservatives.
But his post from Saturday got me thinking. He talked about Civil War battles and strategies, and this weekend's argument reminded me of the supporters of World War II generals Eisenhower and Patton.
Whoever you like, our side is winning.
The other side is spent, nothing left.
Patton would have been more aggressive getting to Berlin, but we got there by May. The war ended, we won and our troops came home.
It would be great to win quickly, but the opposition has to give up the fight as well. They've got a few rubber bands in their pockets while we've got guns.
It's a step in the march toward fiscal responsibility. We're moving in the right direction.

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