Sunday, April 17, 2011

When there's a funnel cloud in Duck, duck

Lots of tornadoes in North Carolina Saturday, with big ones around Raleigh and several deaths across the state.
The last of the tornadoes/funnel clouds hit the Outer Banks after dark, around 9:36 p.m. Going right over the beach house in Duck where my parents and brother's family were staying.
The house suffered several blown out windows, and a chair went through a window and busted a TV and bedroom door. The back window of my sister-in-law's car broke as well.
My brother's family got down to the lowest level before the cloud hit. My parents were in the main part of the house, and my dad got a few minor cuts from the flying glass. EMTs came through the neighborhood and he checked out okay.
The day dawned clear, and damage boarded-up until replacement windows can arrive. I'm awaiting pictures, and glad everyone was safe in the storm.

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