Sunday, April 17, 2011

Democrats and kildeer

For the second year, a family of Kildeer has made their home in our backyard.
Kildeer nest on the ground, and they've found a part of backyard to their liking - a rocky area with little grass near the drainage area.
Unfortunately, nesting on the ground means young Kildeer are basically defenseless as eggs and young hatchlings. That's what makes me think Kildeer should be the official bird of the Democratic party.
How do Kildeer parents protect their young?
Distraction and making loud noises. Just like Democrats.

Today, I mowed my back lawn for the first time this year. I knew where the nest was, so I avoided that. But the nest was empty.
I decided to mow an area away from the Kildeer nest. But as I cut through that area, I saw two little heads struggling to walk in the tall grass.
I cut off the mower for about 15 minutes, and as I resumed I kept a close eye out for the young ones. The parent Kildeer kept squawking and trying to distract me, even though I meant their youngsters no harm.
I think the young Kildeer went to the edge of the property, which I don't mow.
Checking last year's posts, I think I'll be watching out for Kildeer hatchlings for a few more weeks while I mow.

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