Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vote Democratic. We're inept

Blue Virginia posts Michael Moore's rant of ways to fire up the Democratic base and turn the election season around.
It starts hot.
1- Immediate Wall-to-Wall TV Ads, Internet Videos, and Appearances Hammering Who the H**l Put Us in the Misery We're In. This is necessary because Americans have short memory spans. Moore says "I don't know a single person in Hollywood who wouldn't shoot those spots for you for FREE. Dems: Do not pull a single punch on this.... the public will be astonished that you've found your courage and your spine."

We're Democrats. We don't have enough power to cause problems. The problems are too tough are us to have solved over the past two years. Give us two more years and we'll do better. We promise.
We're Democrats. George W. Bush and big business are tougher than we are.
We're Democrats. You don't understand how much we can help us. Let us tell you. Stop watching Lady Gaga and listen to us.
We're Democrats. Hollywood won't help you unless you ask. It's not important enough to any one in Hollywood - any of us - to volunteer to help you. But Hollywood will give you a win if you ask.
We're Democrats. Don't like where the country is? It's not our fault. Really.

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