Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama's Great Depression

Democrats continue to spout that their policies prevented a Great Depression in the economy.
Too bad they didn't prevent a Great Depression in the White House.
Pundette highlights the sad thing in New York Times' magazine, and the multitude of reactions to the doom and gloom exuding from the White House.
In their darkest moments, White House aides wonder aloud whether it is even possible for a modern president to succeed, no matter how many bills he signs. Everything seems to conspire against the idea: an implacable opposition with little if any real interest in collaboration, a news media saturated with triviality and conflict, a culture that demands solutions yesterday, a societal cynicism that holds leadership in low regard. Some White House aides who were ready to carve a new spot on Mount Rushmore for their boss two years ago privately concede now that he cannot be another Abraham Lincoln after all.
If you're a Republican, read the whole thing. You won't be depressed at all.

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