Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Elites could pave way for President Sarah Palin

Rush Limbaugh has issued the warning - elite Republicans, don't blow this.
If the elites Republicans mess up - working with elite Democrats in Washington instead of the people who will give them electoral triumphs in 2010 - what does it mean for 2012?
Will Tea Party people give up hope, or march behind the true outsider Sarah Palin - toward victory in 2012? The elites' worst nightmare - President Palin - might become easier if the elites continue working together against the newly expressed will of the people.
Congressional Democrats had their chance to learn the lessons of being in the wilderness after 1994.
They failed to learn, and thus Republicans will get a second chance at governing. Has four years in the wilderness been enough?
They will face extremely tough issues, those that have been kicked down the road for years. But they have a corps of voters who see the challenges and will help Republicans make the necessary tough choices.
If Republicans fail to meet the challenge, I doubt we'll be begging Tea Party members to vote in 2012.
They'll be begging for help getting up after being run over by the Tea Party Express.
And the chief engineer of the Tea Party success - Sarah Palin.

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