Sunday, October 17, 2010

Great post at Blue Virginia

Will President Obama be able to motivate those who voted for him to vote again in 2010?
Read this post at Blue Virginia and the answer is clear - no.
One of the distinguishing attributes of the DPVA and many of its local committees is a certain disdain for the grassroots; the lack of a welcome mat; the insular attitude. Few of the independent grassroots workers from the Webb '06 effort or the Obama '08 steamroller are active members of either today.
If the campaign workers of '06 and '08 - the most motivated, excited Democrats - were frozen out, will the regular people come to the polls?
Why? The Democratic club didn't welcome the most active members of the grassroots. It used them and took the power gained from their efforts.
Same thing is happening nationally. The grassroots won't rescue Obama and the Democrats Election Day. They blew their chance but not changing their ways with Obama's win.

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