Friday, October 22, 2010

Friend of coal, not Obama

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph runs a lengthy report on Rep. Rick Boucher, running to keep his job against the Republican tide - by highlighting his distance from President Obama.
Boucher said he does not agree with the direction the Obama administration is taking on coal, as well as efforts to declare fly ash as a hazardous substance.

“Another example is with regards to surface mining,” Boucher said. “Surface mining is a key part of the economy of Southwest Virginia, and it must be maintained. I have sent a series of letters to the administration, and have had personal discussions with ranking officials who are on policy levels with the administration to express my strong (opposition).”
Boucher said the administration’s environmental policies could provide “deep injuries” to coal.
Vote for me and I'll keep my friend from hurting you.
Boucher made sure voters know what side he's on.
“I am the person on the Democratic side of the aisle that the coal industry comes to when they have a problem,” Boucher told members of the Daily Telegraph’s editorial board last week. “I’m the person the electric utility comes to when they have a problem. In that role, I have fought for the coal industry every step of the way, and will continue to do that as long as I have that opportunity in Congress.”
Vote Boucher to slow the Obama administration. I thought that was the Republicans' job.

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