Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cell phones and rotary phones

You always hear how Democrats need the young Obama voters this mid-term election. But what about the older voters who read their newspapers, have lived in the same houses for 40-plus years and still vote Democratic?
Jerry at From on High looks at the polling in the Boucher-Griffith race.
5) Here's the most important set of statistics to emerge from the SurveyUSA study (which was conducted between the 21st and the 25th of October): The age of those polled, and the likelihood that they'll go and vote on November 2.
Those under the age of 50 are - by far - in support of Republican Morgan Griffith - 55% to 37% - with almost the reverse being true of those over 50 - 53% to 41% in favor of Boucher.

For some, voting Democratic is like watching the same channel for the Nightly News. They've always done it and always will.
Unfortunately for Democrats, there are fewer and fewer of those kind of voters in 2010.

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