Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fighting those Obama terrorists

Democratic congressman Nick Joe Rahall wants to keep his job. He tells the Bluefield Daily Telegraph who he's fighting.
Today, coal is once again under attack by the Obama administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, Rahall said.

“The Al Gore EPA was also after us, and we survived that,” Rahall said. “And so now we are in another battle over coal especially with the practice known as mountaintop removal.”
So, Nick Joe, what do those in Washington think of the coal industry?

“So coal is not popular in Washington,” Rahall said. “My acts have been defensive in nature. I’ve had to hold off many threats. It’s kind of like fighting terrorism. When you are successful in fighting off the threat, but the threat is never published it isn’t known.”

Thanks for the warning about those Obama Democrats. The new Republican leadership will take things from here.

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