Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Help Tom Perriello find a job

Three weeks until the election.
Three weeks until Tom Perriello loses his Congressional seat. What will the TV station fill its time with when the campaign's over?
What's Perriello going to do after the election? If 50-75 Democrats lose their House seats, there will be lots of competition for a few D.C. jobs for Democrats.
Perriello would probably be among the top five Democrats who could help President Obama the next two years. Obama will need someone whose proud not to be a Democratic rubber-stamp when dealing with the Republicans.
Best of luck Tom. Many voters in the 5th district will be able to give you advice on finding a job in the tough Obama economy.

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kelley in virginia said...

3 weeks until Robert Hurt is our Congressman! Help make this happen: volunteer to man the polls with sample ballots, drive people to the polls, take food/drink to those at the polls, make necessary phone calls.

we can do this, but we must all pull together.