Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Phil and I took out T-Mac

What went wrong for Terry McAuliffe? How could he lose this race he was expected to win? I take you back to mid-April, and the blogs of SWAC Corps.
Inspired by Chris Graham's endorsement of McAuliffe for governor, I endorse him as the easiest Democrat to beat. Reason number three - Global Crossing.
YankeePhil writes a post about Global Crossing also. And a few days later, the first mention of Global Crossing in a debate, when Brian Moran broached the subject.
The press loved it, and some themes are set. Themes that end up helping Deeds among Democratic voters. They are:
1. Moran has gone negative, a big no-no.
2. The Republican hate machine will bring up bad stuff in the general election about McAuliffe. Global Crossing is shorthand for every suspicion people have about him.
McAuliffe ran a bandwagon campaign - join me, everyone else is. He needed a more people on the bandwagon to overwhelm his opponents and bring victory home.
Instead, he got run over by Deeds' last-minute bandwagon/steamroller.
I can post this much, much earlier than I thought I would. So what's your thoughts how McAuliffe lost? What's your turning point?

UPDATE: Linked at The Other McCain, NTCNews and Memeorandum.


Unknown said...

Yes, It was all us,LOL

Dave C said...

It was easier for the 'Pay to GOTV' people to write down 'Deeds' on their hands than it was McAuliffe.

Chris Graham said...

You probably should have let it go until June 10. If T-Mac was the easiest candidate to take down, you shouldn't have done it in June.