Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wahoo waaaaaaaaaahh

Channel surfing last night, I came upon the College World Series. It was the top of the ninth, Virginia up 3-1 with two outs. Great, I'll watch the celebration after the final out.
Two strikes on the batter. Then a single and a two-run homer. Ouch, but still a tie game.
Bottom of the ninth. Virginia has bases loaded and one out. Hit the ball to the outfield and there'll be a celebration.
No. It's hard grounder to short, and double play. Extra innings.
Bottom of the 10th. Runners on the corners. Virginia can't score again. Time to turn off the TV and go to bed. This is not going to end well.
Virginia did lose to Arkansas in 12 innings. But they did make it to Omaha, the first Virginia team to do that. Congratulations on a great season, and hopefully a return to the College World Series in 2010.

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