Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fishersville Mike Jousts Rowdy Alligators

It's Father's Day. Time to relax, watch some golf and review the best of the web this week.
First, why use "joust" in the FMJRA headline? Locally, there's jousting this weekend close to Fishersville. If you're not close enough to run down here, then there's another jousting competition in August.
It's a three-day weekend for roundups, with NoSheepleshere Knows Best and Skepticrats jumping the gun to get atop the review.
"Rowdy" stands for R.S. McCain. Rowdy is what the R stands for, right? Smitty has the roundup while the other McCain hangs out at Capitol Hill, tracking down stories.
"Alligators" tips a hat to the Daley Gator's Saturday roundup.
Shouldn't I wait to include the roundup from the Wisconsin-based Troglopundit? I could, but I'd rather use this clip from Weird Al's UHF.

UPDATE: I'll do another roundup when I can remember what day it is.

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