Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fishersville Mike's Just Right Attitude

Set the roundup for Sunday morning, like I like. Here we go.
Carol at Nosheepleshes likes getting the early start on the roundup. And she reveals that John Kerry's best buddy is Snidley Whiplash.
Jules Crittenden takes his whacks at Senator Ketchup also. Since Jules is in Boston, he's got a closer look at the mess.
Meanwhile, Don Surber is hanging out with kittens. Can't be causing any trouble with all these cute kittens on your blog.
The Other McCain did such a good job discussing his father's determined persistence that I don't have the heart to tell him - Father's Day was last weekend. It's worth the read, along with his reporting on the Inspectors General firings.
And you can't forget Smitty's FMJRA roundup and Rule 5 Sunday fix. Paco has his Rule 5 entry ready to go Saturday.
TrackACrat includes both a picture of Megan Fox and a warning about Transformers 2 - ignore it like she ignored this guy.
Donald Douglas has had a powerful week at AmericanPower, including the interesting news about the Atlanta tea party. And the best gathering of links to conservative blogs.
Pat in Shreveport adds her roundup, focused on the cap and trade antics. The Daley Gator is a no RINO zone, if they know what's good for them. But if they knew stuff, they wouldn't be RINOs.
Thinking about Rule 5 Sunday got Daley Gator in a better mood.
Will Troglopundit keep doing weekend roundup? He left me dangling.
KURU lounge says hello from Washington state.
Remember, when you've had enough of politics and news, check out a movie like SWACgirl did. Or go camping like YankeePhil.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Only a few more days until the next set of tea parties.

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