Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My connection to Jon and Kate

It's over for them. But the show must go on. Sure.
Leafing through People magazine at the dentist on Monday, I found Kate and the kids vacationed on Bald Head Island, North Carolina recently. Quite a ways away from Pennsylvania. But close to where I used to live.
In the spring of 1987, my church decided to build a new sanctuary. We wanted the style of a coastal Carolina building from the 19th century, and heard of the new chapel on Bald Head Island.
The pastor and church board took the road trip and ferry boat over to Bald Head Island. It's a beautiful place, and we loved the chapel. We hired the same architects and in July 1988 our new sanctuary was finished.
btw, Weekend at Bernie's was filmed on Bald Head Island also. Like Jon and Kate, it's another story of trying to keep something alive to keep enjoying the good life.

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