Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Obamanomics in action

Politico reports that the White House press corps didn't follow President Obama to Chicago for his speech to the AMA. There was not enough interest in a charter flight for the press. Why?
1. They could cover it on TV.
2. There were people already in Chicago who could cover it.
3. They didn't want to fly to Chicago to sit in a room away from the president, watch the speech on TV, and return home without interacting with someone they were writing about.
4. They were promoted to blogger, watching the President from the comfort of their homes.
It's probably a decision that could have been made years ago, but the press sees it as a milestone due to their financial troubles. They would have paid thousands of dollars a seat so the dateline would say CHICAGO or to get a standup shot along the River.
In tight economic times, you have to think really hard about what you spend your money on. The press is learning the hard way. Maybe the administration can watch and learn also.

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