Friday, January 29, 2010


Pundette, among others, reports Jon Kyl's statement that reconciliation is still on. Guess the Democrats do plan on going down with the ship.
If they can't get 60 votes, they'll go for 51. What does this mean?
1. Virginia's senators are back in play. Webb and Warner weren't the 60th vote, but maybe votes 52 or 53. Now pressure can increase on them since their vote matters more.
2. Will anybody be fooled? Very doubtful. Sen. Lincoln, Nelson et. al can try to say "I didn't vote for the final bill." But there's been so much publicity about the 60th vote, people - especially tea party people - will not forget.
3. It's a sign of great weakness for Democrats. They can't convince Senators to stand by their December vote, or give Republicans a reason to look twice at it.
They're going to need an awful lot of duct tape to keep this from exploding apart.

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