Sunday, January 31, 2010

The blame game

Are President Obama's current problems of his own making or due to stubborn and unbending Republicans who tripped up his desire for honest bipartisanship?
Fivethirtyeight liked his defense at the meeting with Republicans Friday. And reminds us of how Republicans froze out Democrats while they were in power.
The operative words in that sentence are "were in power." That's not the example to follow if you want to succeed.
E. Thomas McClanahan of the Kansas City Star takes a hard whack in President Obama's direction.
The “art of the possible” isn’t static. With steady accomplishments, an effective leader can expand the zone of the possible. A winner draws new adherents, builds coalitions, acquires new strength for the next challenge.
For a weak leader, the opposite applies: His credibility shrinks, and so do the ranks of his followers. His ability to accomplish anything becomes doubtful.
This is the vicious circle that now ensnares Obama. He has succeeded mainly in uniting his opposition and dividing his own camp. House and Senate Democrats are openly sniping at one another. The hard left — Obama’s base — is writing him off as inept.

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