Monday, January 25, 2010

Greedy Ellie Light

There's still lots of questions about Ellie Light and her letters to the editor.
1. Who is she?
2. Where does she really live? If it's Waynesboro, I get the exclusive. (looks like California, most likely).
3. Overzealous Obama fan or David Axelrod's imaginary friend?
4. Why, in the internet age, send the same letter to newspapers and websites across the country?
How about considering how greedy she is? A newspaper's letter to the editor area is a scarce resource. Two or three letters get published in any paper most days. And she had her letter in 65 papers in 31 states, plus overseas?
By her letter appearing in the News Leader on Jan. 15, one or two local letters had to wait. Or didn't get published. Ellie Light is hogging the space. Taking more than her fair share.
Local letter writers have to wait 30 days between publication of their letters. She took the spot some interested local could have filled.
Maybe she targeted small to medium dailies because they don't have enough letters to fill the space each issue. But in the internet age, small and medium dailies put their offerings online. They are available on Google in you know what to look for.
Final question - Has her letter-writing campaign helped the Obama administration, or given opponents another sharp stick to poke at the president?

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