Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The one-term presidents

President Obama says he wouldn't mind being a really good one-term president, instead of a mediocre two-term president.
Is being considered a good one-term president a choice? Let's look at the one term presidents (not counting those who served less than a term due to death or finishing a term).
John Adams
John Quincy Adams
Martin Van Buren
James K. Polk
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
Rutherford B. Hayes
Benjamin Harrison
William Howard Taft
Herbert Hoover
Jimmy Carter
George H.W. Bush
Twelve names. Who's your superstar? Maybe Polk, since we brought Texas and California into the Union during his term. Eight sought re-election in November and lost.
There's your list of one-termers. Will Barack Obama be number 13?

1 comment:

The Maximum Leader said...

I would say of that list Polk is in fact a superstar. I think he is top ten material myself.

Of course, your point is spot on with the others...