Thursday, January 21, 2010

Generic newsgathering

Listening to a liberal show this morning, a caller mentioned generic drugs as a way to cut health care costs. Whether or not it will work, how about extending generics to other areas?
Newspapers are losing money. How about generic reporters instead of staff? Using bloggers to fill the news hole would be cheaper.
Instead of sending their own reporters to NFL games, find a fan who would gladly pay for the chance to go to games.
NBC is losing money, especially after spending $45 million to buy out Conan O'Brien's contract. How much money do Brian Williams, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow cost? Use generics. Check youtube, or get some bloggers to rant for much lower costs.
Use of generics could extend to government. Part of California's budget woes is the high cost of employee salaries and payments to retirees. Instead of union members, fill the jobs with generics. See if we can tell the difference.
And how about generic political consultants? Plenty of bloggers have good ideas about political campaigns. Btw, high-price professional political consultants didn't do Martha Coakley much good.

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