Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two blogs in one, once again

Earlier Saturday, Blue Virginia posted a graph with the top tax rates since the 1920s (ha, you're not taxed enough).
Then, he posts an article about "stories are better than statistics."
That goes really well together.
The graph has some interesting items to find. Tax rates went up in 1932, and the depression went on. Guess raising tax rates in bad times keeps the bad times rolling.
And there's the rate dropoff in the early 60s. Current Democrats may not remember it was JFK's tax cut, but Scott Brown sure remembered.
As for stories, we've heard plenty from Democrats over the years. "Here's a person with a problem. Let's create a new law and government office to help them."
And the tea party people have the graphs with the greatly increasing deficit under President Obama's plan. And the high cost of the health care reform plans, unless the plan ends at the end of the 10-year window.
Sorry Democrats, but in 2010 both the stories and the statistics favor conservatives.

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