Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where's the Light house?

The Staunton News Leader appears have been used to be part of a pro-Obama astroturf campaign. This letter from "Ellie Light of Waynesboro" appeared in the paper January 15.
Ellie gets around, writing in numerous papers from Maine to California. The Cleveland Plain Dealer found the trail of Ellie Light letters and tried to get answers.
The article includes an email exchange after the Cleveland reporter received the letter. I like Light's response.
There was lots to write about this week, for example Teddy Kennedy' seat falling to a Republican, or the Supreme Court's ruling allowing corporations to donate unlimited funds to causes they support. Both those events portend unimaginable consequences for democracy in this country. And Ms. Eaton, a "Washington" journalist, decides to spend a few minutes pasting snippets of letters into Google and come up with a story about a letter writer. I'm sure such domesticity and small-mindedness would make Sarah Palin quite proud.
Anybody know where the local Light house is? If not, it's nice to see a national problem include Augusta County.

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