Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free money, jewels. Right, America?

If Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts special election, how will Democrats get health care reform through? Bribes? You got any better ideas?
The race to replace the late Teddy Kennedy dominates the weekly roundup.
The Other McCain took the train and holds Martha Coakley in disdain.
Wyblog keeps an eye on Massachusetts in his roundup.
DaTech Guy opened up his house to reporters working on the race.
American Glob has the pictures to prove who's there in the Bay State.
Carol tries a new kind of roundup.
Pundette knows real Red Sox.
Pat highlights Bride of Rove while preparing her roundup.
With the Packers' season over, Troglopundit puts a clock to NFL games.
GrandpaJohn has an important interview.
American Power covers the latest Sarah Palin news.
Dustbury has some show ideas for NBC.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be a model citizen, celebrate your friends and their victories.

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