Friday, January 15, 2010

Let's bill Bin Laden

White House advisor David Axelrod takes on Karl Rove and plays the "deficit blame" game.
Turns out the deficit isn't just the shortfall between income and spending. It's the difference between the 10-year estimated surplus in 2000 and current spending.
What happened after those rosy estimates were made? The dot-com bubble burst. And 9/11.
The good estimates were gone by the time George W. Bush got into the White House. At least being revised downward. And the terror attacks didn't help.
It's nice to know the 10-year numbers from 2000. Mostly because it's the 10-year numbers on this health care bill that have many Americans scared to death. (not the 10 years of taxing, seven years of spending numbers).
If you'd like health care reform, ask Osama bin Laden to pay his fair share - for the costs of dealing with him.
btw, one day a Republican political consulant will get his candidate into the White House. Doubt Axelrod would like to be pushed aside the way he'd ignore Rove.

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