Sunday, January 17, 2010

Drop an anchor on your pointy head

Poor Blue Virginia. The governor's mansion changes hands and it's time for "woe is us progressive pieces."
The other day, it's about Virginia being "ungovernable." Sunday, it's about an anchor - conservatives have all the advantages (money and fooling the people that they too could be rich).
We're right, but we just can't win.
Sorry progressives. Did you miss the stories last week about health care reform? Let's make it so our union friends aren't hurt. What about the rest of the world?
Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley talks about taking on the bad contractors from the Big Dig. Who hired those contractors? Government. Cleaning up your own messes doesn't count as helping the world.
You dislike big business. But big government appears to be the bigger problem. And a bigger percent of the population see that.

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