Sunday, March 8, 2009

From the newspapers in London

So President Obama's a bit overwhelmed by his new job. But I can think up song parodies pretty quickly.
Apologies to Little Anthony and the Imperials

Well, I think I’m in over my head
Yes I really need to go to bed,
don’t you know, it’s so true

I want to, do all these things. Change D.C., so badly
I can’t decide what not to do

And I think I’m in over my head
‘Cause I can’t explain why jobs have been shed
To you, have no clue
Saw the Brit guy this morning
But I just walked by him
Didn’t even know why he was here

I’m over my head, all the time
Over my head, don’t you know
Over my head, day and night
The economy is a fright
Not alright

I must think of a way to your wallet
There’s no reason I can’t spend it
Even though my plan won’t mend it

And I think I’m really over my head

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The Conservative Wierd Al?