Monday, March 23, 2009

Jackie Robinson and Pumpsie Green

We all remember Jackie Robinson, the first player to cross baseball's color barrier. Along with opening a new era of baseball, he was a great player with great skills. He had a 10-year career with the top National League team of his era.
How many people remember Pumpsie Green? He was the first African-American player on the Red Sox, the last team to intergrate. Will the Red Sox have special celebrations on July 21 to make the 50th anniversary of Green joining the team? He played in 344 games over five seasons, hitting .246.
President Obama has done a great job playing up the Jackie Robinson aspects of his run for the presidency. His run, nomination, election and inauguration were historic.
Unfortunately, as president he's playing like Pumpsie Green. Not up to hitting big league pitching. An asterik in the history books, not a game-changer.

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