Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jeff Frederick on the Quayle-Palin scale

Before I started blogging in the fall, I didn't know Jeff Frederick was chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. Now his job is in trouble. Should he stay and fight or give up the job in enough time for the whole thing to be forgotten in November.
Unfortunately, people make initial decisions on a person's ability and stick with them. Dan Quayle had a good record in the Senate from Indiana, but could never overcome his debut as a vice presidential candidate.
Sarah Palin had everything thrown at her last fall, and some people will never see her as a qualified candidate for national office. She has the benefit of being governor of Alaska and can run on her record next year. Those who love her will continue to love her. She has time to build her reputation, but some will never see her as anything except a Tina Fey-lookalike.
If six senior state senators and much of the central committee think he should go, he really ought to consider that counsel. By November, only serious political junkies will remember this if it ends peacefully. If the Republicans do poorly in November, he'll get the blame from political junkies if he's still on the job or not.

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