Monday, March 16, 2009

Will Obama sink McAuliffe?

The question opponents asked of Barack Obama in 2008 was - does he have enough experience to lead? So far, the results of his cabinet appointments and early actions suggest a great campaigner who still needs to work on his administrative skills.

The Democrats have three choices for governor this year, and Terry McAuliffe is the most like Obama. No experience in Richmond, but thinks his business skills and political connections will make up for that.
Can McAuliffe ride the Obama wave to the nomination? If he gets it, there's five more months for the wave to crest and maybe crash.


Anonymous said...

You are correct McAuliffe is most like Obama if by 'like' you mean 'opposite' who tried to sink Obama. Our President is a testament to what can happen when people do the opposite of what McAuliffe asks.

Mike said...

Like as in least experienced in the government entity he seeks to lead.