Monday, March 30, 2009

NOW you're in trouble

Augustafreepress reports on Governor Kaine's decision to allow a "Choose Life" license plate and NOW's response to the news as the first comment.
Whoever thought of those "Choose Life" plates was brilliant. How can you not choose life? The best politics is when you tie your opponents in knots and let them fight amongst themselves. If the liberals could just let "Choose Life" slide, it wouldn't get them into trouble. Now NOW is putting out press releases questioning the Democratic party's commitment to their issue.
Allowing "Choose Life" license plates could be part of the Obama/Kaine mission for post-partisan, calm and methodical look at the troubling issues that have divided us. Or it could be another decision that brings forth angry and wild accusations. Choose wisely.

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Chris Graham said...

'Tis smart politics. Litmus test politics always are. I don't know that there's a lot of value at the ballot box, but it plays well at the end of the day in late March.