Friday, March 20, 2009

Learning from Obama's bracket

ESPN just announced President Obama went 11-for-16 on the first day of the NCAA basketball tournament. Bob McDonnell and I did one better.
Obama's bracket was pretty conventional - three top seeds in the Final Four and no one higher than a fifth seed in the Sweet Sixteen. But there's lessons to be learned.
If you pick an upset in the first round that doesn't happen, it can give you losses throughout the bracket. And if you pick against a team that reaches the Elite Eight, again you're hurting. Your mistakes follow you. You can't rid of them until they work through the system.
In the tournament, you know there's going to be about four upsets in the first round. There's a big difference between predicting the four upsets (16 right) and missing all four (only eight right). President Obama will face troubles. Will he move to the top or put us deeper in the hole?

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