Monday, March 30, 2009

Take a whack

Linked by ToM. Thanks.
The other McCain takes a whack at David Frum on the Spectator's blog this morning. I'll join in.
He quotes Frum:
But on environmental issues, we have to follow the evidence where it leads -- and on social issues we have to take our society as it is. If the world changes, we have to change with it.
There's a word for such thinking, and it's not leader. It's follower. Follower of conventional wisdom. Follower of the crowd. Not leading the crowd where you think it needs to go.
Right now, the majority of the American public sees President Obama as a Jackie Robinson symbol of hope and change. But conservatives have seen his flaws. He can't hit the curve ball. He can't field his position. He's a utility infielder, not an All-Star or Hall of Famer.
The people are ready to be led, just look at the Tea Parties and the 9-12 project. Those things aren't following the Obama path. Republicans shouldn't either.

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smitty1e said...

"A leader is someone with followers." Note the lack of direction in this phrase. We normally assert something positive when we say "leader"...