Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fedora Mafia Judges Reform Awesome

Friday, Smitty added some significant members to the Axis of Fedora. Thus, it's time to roll out a new FMJRA roundup.
Smitty rolled into Richmond and snagged a picture of SWACgirl.
Later in the day, he posted photos of
Just a Conservative Girl
Cathouse Chat and
Debbie Lee from America's Mighty Warriors.
Obviously, the fedora survived being pictured with me.
Chris Cassone got the honor of a Fedora photo Saturday.
It's been a busy weekend, so I haven't had time to find more fedora pictures. As long as I post one of the Fedora founding father, I'm okay.
Enjoy the week ahead. Because very few Democrats will be enjoying the month of October.

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