Thursday, March 4, 2010

Copenhagen, Copenhagen, reconciliation

Is health care reform going to pass or be a major flop for President Obama?
Let's check the past few months. President Obama goes to Copenhagen to help the bid for the Chicago. Some people think he must know Chicago is going to get the Games, so that's why he's going.
The Games go to Rio. Chicago is fourth of four cities.
In December, he returns to Copenhagen for the climate summit. He waits until the end to attend, so it's thought he'll have some big agreement. He comes home with a non-binding agreement, less than expected.
Now we look at reconciliation. In pushing health care toward it's conclusion, it's thought he must think he has the votes to pass the Senate bill in the House or have the Senate use reconciliation to make changes to make the House happy.
What if he comes out empty handed - again? If he gives it his best shot and gets shot down?
What happens? Besides the party at my house.

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