Friday, March 6, 2009

Join my union

Two big topics in the blogosphere are the possible renewal of the Fairness Doctrine and the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make unionizing easier. So what's a conservative blogger to do? Why not start a union?
I've got a name - Union of Political Commenters Having Unique Conservative Knowledge (UPCHUCK).
I've got a slogan - UPCHUCK. You can't keep us down.

And I've reworked this song from my past. I didn't dub in the words because I didn't want to be like that "Bright Blue Scrotum" guy.

Look for the union label
When you are reading a comment or blog
Remember somewhere, we’re in pajamas
Not the Bahamas, like those rich guys
When we read those earmarks, we start complaining
We hate to think that we’re paying for this
So always look for the union label
It’s says we’re writing
For a better U.S.A.

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smitty1e said...

Free Employee Choice Act/Legislation (FECAL)