Sunday, April 29, 2012

State of the blogosphere

Jamie Jeffords's blog passed two million hits on Sunday.
My Kaley Cuoco pictures and science fiction show reviews live long and prosper.
Over in Shreveport, Pat is asking why people blog - and why some drop out.
Why blog?
The thrill of the hit.
The thrill of the link, especially from Instapundit.
You're a writer, and writers write. Even if their day job doesn't involve writing.
Where else will people find pictures of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, or Lauren Hart before a Flyers' playoff game?
And this fall, the joy of knowing you were part of something special - the end of the Obama era.
UPDATE: Good conversation over at Pat's. Interesting thoughts from bloggers from all over. One of the reasons we do this.
UPDATE2: Troglopundit adds his thoughts.

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