Saturday, April 14, 2012

Petrino and Edwards

Why did it take so long for the John Edwards' affair to become public?
He didn't crash a motorcycle with riding with his mistress.
It's amazing how fast things fell apart for Bobby Petrino in Arkansas.
He crashed April 1, and all the lies he tried to hide became exposed.
And in researching one angle, more lies erupted into light.
Instead of wondering if the school should have fired him, fans are probably relieved this came out now instead of in the middle of the season.
We'll see if it's the coach or the players that make a championship team.
Or if the coach who lied better than the others got enough good players to overcome his personal lies.
I love this take.
Petrino's history of lying is well-documented, but for those who have not been paying attention, which may include Arkansas administrators, here is a summary: When Petrino coached Louisville, he lied repeatedly about his interest in other jobs (some of which he interviewed for). He left for the Atlanta Falcons, then left that job before a season ended, one of the few absolute no-nos in a sometimes ruthless profession.
I'm no genius. I have made that very clear over the years, usually by accident. And I had no idea that Bobby Petrino may have been sleeping with a young Arkansas fundraiser named Jessica Dorrell. Nor do I really care.
But if we were playing a game, and you asked me to guess which major-college coach hired his mistress to work with his football program, got in a motorcycle accident with her on board, then lied to his bosses about the relationship, I could have guessed "Bobby Petrino" faster than it takes him to print out his resume, and I probably could have gone for the bonus points and guessed the woman was a blonde.

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