Friday, April 27, 2012

Forever on the server farm

At my first newspaper job, they traced their lineage back to 1798.
Reporters come and go, but the newspaper rolls on.
It's different in the blogging world.
Individual voices pop up and, after a time, they may decide that their time is done.
Don Surber made it to seven years before pulling the plug this week. Jules Crittenden lasted that long before ending his run in 2010.
It's hard to find something to post about, several times a day, day after day, for years. Hard to make it interesting for those readers out their on the internet, and hard to stay motivated.
Being obsessive-complusive helps.
It's hard to believe Dustbury's been doing this 16 years. Instapundit's been filling the web for over 10 years.
Some one-man shows may last long. Some may shut down after good runs, and bloggers move on to other interests.
The old links may turn up 404s, or they may live long on a server farmer somewhere.
Waiting for someone to discover the wisdom of a past post.

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CGHill said...

Being OCD does help.

(Actually, I'm CDO, which is OCD with the letters ordered alphabetically, the way they're supposed to be.)