Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jimmy Carter called

Chris Graham has a post up about gas prices.
Jimmy Carter called. He wants his post back.
Like Carter and Obama, we can whine about gas prices. Gas prices spiked in 1979, and were down in 1986 as more supply came online.
Gas prices spiked in the summer of 2008, and went down by winter 2009.
Maybe solar can power more than sidewalk lights.
Maybe wind power can do more than kill birds.
We know what oil can do. And where it is - Canada.
Just get it to the customer, and we'll see where prices go.

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AFPChrisGraham said...

It's folly to think that more oil from Canada will drive down gas prices in the U.S. Canadian producers aren't going to give U.S. consumers a price break for what the producers could get on the open global market.