Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lie back and think of Washington

When you see a headline "Republicans are the problem" on the internet, you just have to click.
You know it's going to be crap.
Just what kind of crap is the question.
Let's look at the four major events the writers think show Republicans are the problem.
  • 1973 Roe v. Wade decision
  • 1978 Prop 13 in California
  • 1989 Congressional pay raise
  • 1996 and on - Fox News and right-wing blogs
What's behind the Republicans' opposition to these things?
  • Judicial overreach
  • State government overreach
  • Congressional overreach
  • Media overreach
The problem with Republicans? They aren't submissive enough.
They don't go along with the tide of rising government.
Their protests are the problem, not the increase in government - in the minds of those who love increased government.
The writers miss the great submissive Republicans of the past. The enablers of the growing government that has us in our current financial mess.
They fuss about who say "the system must change."
If the current crop of Republicans is the most conservative in over a 100 years, maybe it's not their fault. Maybe they are voicing the concerns of the electorate.
Better than those who say they represent - but really only represent their friends and users of government money.
Look at the numbers. A wise government 40 years ago would have slowed spending and set aside real money - not IOUs - for future needs.
Republicans said if you continue on this course, all of us will be sorry.
The time has come.
And telling the truth doesn't make Republicans the problem.

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